Thursday, August 18, 2011

Visiting Chester.

Sam and her husband got a new kitten recently and I took Wyatt over to see him. He's a sweet kitty, that Chester! Totally loved Wyatt and vice versa. They literally chased each other all over the house and played. Almost made me tempted to get a pet... almost. I'm a little bit anti-pets right now. Josh and I have actually always had pets our entire marriage. In fact, we used to have a pitbull named Rocky and he was the best dog that ever lived! When he died, I had never cried that hard in my life probably (at the time).

i actually got kinda emotional looking at this picture and it's been almost 4 years since he's gone.

But the thought of having another pet really freaks me out. For one, so much responsibility and I know I wouldn't  be able to give the animal all the attention it would need. I like animals a lot actually, enough to know that I shouldn't have one. Oh, and the hair, poop, and random booger marks on windows... I'm already up to my eyeballs in that... why add more to the mess?

I seriously wonder how people with kids and pets do it. It seems like a lot of housework. I vacuumed twice today just because Wyatt threw shredded cheese all over the room. I can't imagine dog/cat hair thrown in the mix.

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