Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weight Watchers.

I have a very extensive history with Weight Watchers. About 3 years ago, I had never been on a diet in my life. I had managed to gain a bunch of weight after living in Alaska (a bit of a depressing time and I ate my sorrows) and once I moved home, I was talking to my friend about how I wanted to lose weight. She was doing Weight Watchers and loved it. She explained the whole thing to me, and I sorta just figured out how to do it without actually joining any meetings. I bought a little cardboard slider calculator from e-bay and joined unaffiliated Weight Watchers support groups. I lost 30 lbs in 6-7 months just following the points plan!

Then came Wyatt and I did Weight Watchers again and lost 30 lbs again, but I wanted to lose more this time so as you all know, I did a super strict diet and got down to 135.

So, now I'm back up 10-15 lbs and I'd like to lose it, but I'm sick of feeling deprived, so after seeing blogging friends join again, and seeing how the NEW Weight Watchers works, I've decided to join again.

I AM SO HAPPY. Like, I'm literally in a good mood. I'm losing weight (4.5 lbs) and I'm eating foods I like! I had lasagna last night! I feel like I'm back onto a healthy lifestyle. I've either not been eating enough or eating way too much, and my body is just out of whack. I'm excited to just be healthy again.

On the working out forefront, I have taken a break. It's been about 6 days since I've done Insanity. I started to feel depressed and tired and just plain out of it. I'm going to change up my work out routine and just focus more on running, starting Monday.

I know it's either annoying or weird that I'm always announcing my work out plans/diet plans on my blog. I use my blog as a way to express myself or just update friends and family about my life. It always helps keep me accountable knowing that a thousand people potentially are reading that I'm supposed to be watching what I eat. If you want to keep yourself accountable in your life, ask people to hold you accountable.

So, I guess this is just a heads up. I know some of you are semi-interested in my getting healthy endeavors. If you're doing Weight Watchers, let me know! We can totally talk about it and keep each other motivated on twitter! You can follow me there @IROCKSOWHAT

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