Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What does blogging mean to you?

What does blogging mean to you?

I'm asking myself this more and more lately. I'm finding myself at a crossroads so to speak. While I love so many things about blogging, there are so many things that just make me feel lame... and I'm just trying to figure this out.

I want this blog to be a positive place. I want to talk about my favorite products and cool things I'm doing or seeing. I want to be able to talk about my kid or weight loss, I don't want to JUST blog for an audience - BUT, that's what we're doing, isn't it? I blog full well knowing that people will read it, and sometimes I think it stifles me a bit. I'm often afraid to say what I think sometimes because of those awesome anonymous commenters we get from time to time.

I guess I just wanted to talk about that for a minute. About how it can be very confusing/frustrating to express yourself and yet, have a place on the internet. The internet can be so cruel. But the blogging world is quite marvelous! That's why I'm still doing it. I've made so many friends through blogging, it's unreal. I've "met" more people that are more like me than I have in real life. 

I know blogging is what I'm supposed to be doing. I have a passion for it... I love being able to share my life to so many people! And I love that people want to know about it too! It's very rewarding and humbling. Thanks guys for being so encouraging to me... supporting me along my way.

So, I guess the bottom line here is this - blogging can mean lots of different things, and it's important to figure out what it means to you. I know this post is all over the place, but after all, this is my blog! And I use it to express myself. So these are just a few of my thoughts. :)

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