Sunday, September 18, 2011

I ran today.

OH JESUS. Do you know what I freaking did today? I'm typing this with sore arms and legs, but I'm super proud of my pathetic self! I ran with a running group. Okay, I ran with Crystle and the running group rocked on but she graciously stuck with me (THANK YOU CRYSTLE!). We probably ran 3 miles and hiked the other three. I can't believe I did something like this and it was really great having some inspiration. I've mostly been running by myself (occasionally Josh comes along) and for some reason I just can't get myself to run more than 2 miles. I get such a mental block and I tell myself just to quit and that 2 miles is good enough, but I dream of going farther! So, seeing these runners really inspired me. They made it seem achievable!  

And if the blonde at the top looks familiar, that's Crystle. I did her engagement photos awhile back. Check them out here!

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