Monday, September 19, 2011

Medium Sponsors! HOLLA!

I'm lucky enough to say that this chick is my FRAND! Heather blogs at barelymeasured, and it's been her way of sharing all of her projects and outings and stuff. She has an awesome shop and is pretty much making shiz all over for everyone in the blogosphere and beyond. Check her out.

Looking to have some sort of announcement or thank you card made for you? Check out Imprintalish! Also, check out their blog as well. I'm always a fan of working moms. :)

Holler! Home girl Ashley's blog is The Peanut Gallery- and I appreciate the way she blogs and her way of communicating with her audience. She's so personable and nice and I just plain old like her. Ashley is about to get married soon and so she's sorta just going crazy planning for that. Check her out.

Aw, I like Maryam and her blog, Pamplemousse 1983. I happen to find her eyebrows stunning and whenever I see pictures of her I can't stop staring at them. She's a brand new mama to a little girl named Margaux (my favorite spelling of the name). And it's just been really nice seeing all the changes and sweet little smiles of her babe. Her kid is seriously the most relaxed baby I've seen in a while. :) is a cool photo sharing site. You "heart" photos that you like and watch them rise to the top as they get more popular. I've joined. Lots of photography inspiration for me.

CLICK CLICK CLICK! Caitlin is so positive and I just really appreciate her sweet spirit! She's always blogging about her life with her husband and it makes me so happy/jealous of her non-baby life! Ha! But really, a very nice girl with a very nice blog. :) Read To Make Love Stay.

Please check out these peoples! I'll be sharing more about my other sponsors soon! I love and appreciate these people for supporting me on this bliggity bloggin' journey.

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