Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Beach Baby sponsor post!

Check out OUR BEACH BABY blog to read about the life of Tessa and her family. They have a new baby named Drew and some cats and it's just nice seeing their happy little life. I notice that they travel quite a bit and are always surrounded by friends and family. It's a really nice and upbeat little blog. :)

And interesting side note- Tessa is really good friends with one of my friends and she lives up in Virginia Beach! So we're practically neighbors! She's also probably one of the most FIT people I have ever seen. She teaches Zumba! Whaaa? 

I'm also kinda super envious of how go with the flow her baby is. I'm always seeing him strapped to someone's chest, chillaxin' and enjoying his settings. He obviously has taken on the vibe of his parents, and I really love it. 

So please, go check out Tessa and tell her HI! 

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