Saturday, September 3, 2011


So, I thought I'd do a list of all of my favorite products and sites and things as of late. It's good to share good things, no?

-INKSTAGRAM - look at all of your instagram followers on the computer! Thank you Melissa for showing me this!
-PICTURE SHOW app. I'm kinda obsessed with it (the picture above was edited with it). Pretty sure it's just an iphone thing though.
-FOSTER THE PEOPLE - been listening to the album Torches on repeat. 
-SKINNYTASTE - thanks to Jill for showing me this awesome recipe website.
-ALT DESIGN SUMMIT - I'm going to go! Are you?
-MEKOS SKATE SHOP - we love local skate shops. My husband has a dream of opening one up.
-BANANA ICE CREAM - is still alive and well in this household. Especially since it's zero weight watcher's points.
-RAD LAB- edit your photos the easy way... and make them look goooooooood.
-PHOTOLOVE.US - really fun site. Post your pictures and every "hearts" their favorites, ranking your photos.
-COLLEGIEN- the cutest kid shoes ever! Wyatt just got a pair of these.

And also, if you haven't noticed already, I have new sponsors this month. So, check them out! Lots of new and interesting blogs/shops to be seen!

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