Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sponsors galore!

Aw, who DOESN'T love Chelsey? She's so nice and cool and pretty. She has a blog called The Paper Mama and she's pretty much a master of all artsy fartsy trades. Always doing custom portraits and design shtuff. She's also pretty handy with her camera and is a lot of inspiration as far as photography is concerned. Check her out!!!

So there's this girl named Jess that lives in a magical land called Hawaii with her husband and cute bebe. TART is a blog about Jess's life and their lives are PERFECT. Jeez. Just kidding. But really, sometimes I can't believe the scenery in their outings and just how lively and active their lives are. It's really nice to see how much fun they have and how daughter Rowan is along for the ride. :)

One of my favorite people is Allie from It's a Wonderful Life. She's so freaking nice. So nice. She has a hilarious husband and son (they're like twins) and she posts about how funny life is. I love it actually. I've been following Allie since the beginning of time, so I feel like she's just a regular old friend of mine. 

Nice girl Sammie blogs about her life with her husband and 3 cats on her blog, Uncharted Heart! Holy moly! Three? I just read an interesting post about how she used to be on the show Sesame Street! That's kinda crazy and awesome at the same time. 

In my opinion, Karly is one of the most talented photographers I've seen in the blogging world. I pretty much stare at her pictures on her blog, Three in Three. They're quite gorgeous! Karly also has a really amazing etsy shop where she showcases very artistic and beautiful jewelry and hair pieces. I think you should check her out!

Pretty Little Life is a blog about Amanda's life with her husband Scott and daughter Elliott. It's a happy little blog and it's full of positive and wonderful life memories for Amanda to look back on. Her daughter is also suuuuuuper cute and I can tell just through Amanda's posts that she's full of personality.

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