Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Turning 25

So, this whole turning 25 thing is still on the BRAINZ. Sorry for those that are finding this a bit whiney, I know... I get it. Big deal, I'm turning 25. But DUUUUUDEEE...... it's like, effecting me hardcore. 

I think about how I never went to college. About how I'm already so settled down. These are things that I find to be a bit awkward- and dare I say it, OH I'M GONNA SAY IT - EMBARRASSING. Like, when I'm talking to old friends and we're planning on doing things and I tell them, NO I CAN'T GO HANG OUT WITH YOU AT 10 O'CLOCK AT NIGHT ON A WEDNESDAY... because I'm just not in the same place in my life as them. And please know I'm not embarrassed of my son or my husband or anything, it's just so awkward and has such a stigma behind it. It's like, "oh god, you have a kid so you know, you can't hang". Maybe I'm just feeling insecure about it. 

And yes, my post before this was all girl power and I totally still feel that way, I'm just trying to figure out how this all works. If I'm taking my life back, how do you even do it? I still have to follow a certain set of rules that are called "RAISING MY SON" (and I'm happy and willing to). So, just like anything else, life is about trying to balance the good and the bad. The good being that I have a cute bebe, the bad being that I don't know how to be a bodacious chick too. 

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