Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why I like Adventure Time.

(WOO. I was influenced to write about why I love the show Adventure Time from THIS post. So, I'm prepared for the different opinions on the topic, and I appreciate other view points, but please let's keep it nice. And if you want to post anonymously that is fine as well, but it doesn't make you unblockable if you're a meanie.) 

There's a show on Cartoon Network called Adventure Time, and I LURVE IT! Like, love love love love it. I love everything it stands for. There's ADVENTURE, mischief, witty banter, true friendship... the list goes on and on. The show represents freedom and just plain imagination. And, I let my kid watch it.

Why? Because I'm sick of ridiculous fluffy cartoons that just teach our kids that everything is nice and fair. We're setting up a whole new generation for spoiled bratty ridiculousness. And, before I get comments about how TV is of the devil, I assure you it's not. I watched it, you watched it - let's be honest here. My kid plays outside almost everyday and we're always on the go, but when we're home chilling, yes, we watch the 'toons.

It's very important to me that Wyatt learns that sometimes things suck, or that crazy absurd things happen to you, and that you just have to deal with it. I want him to know that a little chaos and mischief is a good thing, and it gets your imagination rolling. After 20 minutes of watching Dora, my brain is mush. There is no thought. Just nasal-y yelling and a few random spanish sentences thrown in. Wyatt doesn't need to learn WHERE'S THE MAP? He needs to see funny shit! That's what a cartoon is for! It's supposed to be funny entertainment! He has me to teach him life lessons. I'm not about to let some cartoon influenced specifically by what our society thinks our kids should be learning completely make my kid a lamewad. I like exposing him to Adventure Time because I think it does just the opposite of these media influenced shows do- it has the kids laughing and thinking outside the box. I want the best and most adventurous and inspiring childhood for my kid. While he'll have plenty of time to go out and dig in the dirt and explore the woods - he'll also get to chill on the couch and laugh his butt off to an awesome show.

And, to cover the violence topic - is our society any less violent? Um, yeah right. I'm sure we can all agree on this one. Hiding our kids from goofy cartoon violence is not changing a thing.

I'm not banning Nick Jr from this house obviously, and whatever interests Wyatt will probably be what we do. But I have to be honest, Dora sucks and Adventure Time is awesome. Wyatt will pick an exciting and funny show over what the media likes to call an "educational" show any day. And that's really okay with me, because Dora is not his mom. 

(Wyatt's absolute favorite show of all time has got to be Spongebob though- and we all know that we all could take a lesson in being as pure hearted as Spongebob.)

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