Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wyatt is not a baby anymore.

Whoa. Editing these pictures really freaked me out. Looking at my boy play and his hair blowing in the wind, it was like I was looking at him different. I'm so used to referring to him as my baby...and well, he's not a baby anymore.

Oh jeez. I can't believe it that in less than a month Wyatt will be 2 years old. That was so fast!

Anyway, so we ran to the park today and made use of our jogging stroller. It's really hard for me! Josh and I switch off pushing, because in my opinion, it's hardcore! And people like Amy who do 5 miles with it blow my miiiiiiiiiiiind! As of right now I've been running 2.3 miles everyday but I'm trying to work myself up to more. I'm SO not a runner. 

Oh! And this is the official first time I've picked up my camera since I got an iPhone. Blasted instagram!!! That's what I blame it on! (If you're on instagram, you can follow me at irocksowhat.)

This blog post is all over the place and I need to end it some how... so...

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