Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Children's Museum of Virginia Portsmouth

We had a spectacular day today! Josh had planned this super fun day at The Children's Museum in Portsmouth, VA and it was truly the best! Wyatt loved every second of it. And for those that have been to The Children's Museum in Richmond, VA- Portsmouth tops it, no questions asked. Everything was new and top of the line and clean and just awesome. Wyatt straight up died and went to education heaven.

OH, and just when you thought that we spoil Wyatt enough-

WE'RE GOING TO SEE YO GABBA GABBA TOMORROW! SO STAY TUNED! Or follow my instagram or twitter (both @irocksowhat) to see an insane and ridiculous amount of pictures that I will be posting from the event. There may be pics of me crying and screaming out DJ Lance's name. 

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