Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm a sucker for the latest kid thing.

I am SO freaking into cool kid things. And not like, cheesy, lame kid things... but kid things that **I** would sport, ya know? When I was pregnant with Wyatt I suddenly realized how there weren't THAT many cool boy clothes in the world, and so now whenever I see something awesome, I grab it!

But, sometimes there's just NOTHING. Like, you just can't find some things and so you have to hit up your crafty friends and family.


My step mom painted these awesome Adventure Time Vans for Wyatt. Aren't they pretty much amazing?!!?!? I seriously stare at them because they're THAT awesome. Wyatt loves them too. He points at his feet when they're on. BEST. SHOW. EVER.


My BFF internet friend made this for Wyatt for our pending Yo Gabba Gabba show coming up in FOUR DAYS. I am BEYOND excited about that. Beyond. Jill, we love this shirt so much!

Oh, and since Wyatt obviously needed matching Muno shoes, we got him these last night.

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