Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's the end of 1.

What a great day today was. I visited my sister and my nephew, and then hung out with friends as we gathered all our last minute birthday stuff for Wyatt. Tomorrow my baby will be TWO. Oh!!!!!! Can you believe it!? Some of you have been my blogging buddies since I was pregnant. I just can't believe how much time flies.

(If you're curious where I got Wyatt's awesome Muno shirt- Check out Jill and her blog! She made it for me and it's like amazingly accurate. As soon as I put it on him and he was all pointing at it. Awesome job Jill and thank you so much HOMIE!)

And if you want a sneak peak of how hard Wyatt's world is gonna be rocked, check this out...

He better not even TRY to wake up grumpy tomorrow! My poor little punk boy. :)

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