Monday, October 17, 2011

Large sponsor highlight - WOOP.

Whoa, rockin' peeps keeping the IROCKSOWHAT idea alive. Check them out.

The 29th Floor - God I love blogs lately of married couples without kids. Isn't that funny? I just love seeing couples just hang out and have fun and just do things together. I'm sure Ashley and her husband Buzz have lots of plans for their future, but it's just kinda cool seeing them go about their lives and just enjoy each other. I find this blog to be really sweet and kind. :)

Danfredo Rivera  - Whew. I'm really digging this chick, I gotta say. She's so spirited and feisty and I love that she kinda tells it like it is... She's also undergoing the stresses of planning her wedding, so who doesn't like to read about everything that goes with THAT? I also think her husband's really cute but please don't tell her I said that.

Our Beach Baby- Cool thing about Tessa's blog is that she lives right around the corner from me! Well not literally, but she lives close by. So it's cool to see everything that's going on in her life. I love that Tessa is a mom to a YOUNG baby, because it sorta reminds me of what things were like when my kid was littler. Also, hello, Tessa and her husband are super fit and stuff and I'm pretty much jealous of their bodies.

Harper's Happenings -  Mandy is a fashionable lady with a smart mindz. I like reading her posts, everything is well written and just nice. :) Also, so much stuff going on in Mandy's world. She's got her Steppin' Out Saturday posts that everyone links up with and her shop Opal Vintage and Things. When I grow up I want to be Mandy.

The Fabulous Baby Striblings- Cute kids, cute family! A true baby blog if you will. Mandy has documented everything since the day she's found out she was pregnant. So her blog is like an open baby book, inviting everyone to come in and check it out. Also, this is a family of twins! Gotta love twins! 

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