Monday, October 17, 2011

"Lets Let Kids Do Something Big" - Anthony Recenello of Charismatic Kid

I have been following Anthony and his website Charismatic Kid for some time now. Anthony is a life coach for kids and he really seems to have a knack for it. I often find myself watching his videos and being inspired by his energy to encourage our youth. It's nice and refreshing to see someone out there that doesn't want to "dumb" down our kids because they are young, but instead he encourages them to show their true potential.

I just finished reading Anthony's manifesto if you will... it's an online 45 page easy read, but definitely thought provoking. The book is called "Lets Let Kids Do Something Big". I found myself intrigued and motivated to really play up on Wyatt's passions, just like Anthony talks about in his book. He goes on to say that life is most worth it when we are living for our passions, and the same goes for our kids. Because they can have passions too!

I also found it helpful that he gave real life accounts of kids that he's worked with, and how their lives have been really pushed to maximum potential, but with love and understanding and without necessarily forcing anyone to do anything. It was really nice to read about a "different" point of view than the average baby blogs I read. 

Anyway, here's the best part, it's a free e-book and everyone is welcome to read it! And I would encourage everyone to check it out when they get a spare second. It really took no time to read and it's written just like a conversation, so I felt like this super ADD brain of mine was able to hold onto every word. 

To check out the book, go here to download it. Let me know if you do! I'd love to know what everyone thought. :)

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