Monday, October 24, 2011

Medium Sponsor Highlight!

CLICK CLICK CLICK! Caitlin is so positive and I just really appreciate her sweet spirit! She's always blogging about her life with her husband and it makes me so happy/jealous of her non-baby life! Ha! But really, a very nice girl with a very nice blog. :) Read To Make Love Stay.

Siddathornton is about a girl in Louisiana with a love for writing. Lauren blogs about her life, fitness, coffee, and just creative things. I find her to be really cool and interesting. I especially love her Domestic Diligence tab where it's just all DIY stuff, and it makes me realize I suck at that kind of stuff! 

Aw, I like Maryam and her blog, Pamplemousse 1983. I happen to find her eyebrows stunning and whenever I see pictures of her I can't stop staring at them. She's a brand new mama to a little girl named Margaux (my favorite spelling of the name). She's also been doing lots of DIY projects and I love it.

Who doesn't know Jess? This rockin' Mama (literally) raises her daughter Rowan in Hawaii with her hunkin' husband Derek. The two have been in a band together and while Jess is spending a lot of her energy on her daughter Rowan, she's still song writing and playing music. Also, if you like to look at extremely good-looking people - read this blog. Enough said. TART.

MY FRAND Chelsey is a jack of all trades. She birthed a child, maintains a home, owns a design/custom doodle shop, makes adorable paper art/cards, photographer, and lover of SHOES. I personally think you should give all your money to her in return that she make a custom doodle for you. The Paper Mama.

Holler! Home girl Ashley's blog is The Peanut Gallery- and I appreciate the way she blogs and her way of communicating with her audience. She's so personable and nice and I just plain old like her. Ashley is about to get married soon and so she's sorta just going crazy planning for that. Check her out.

AW! It's Allie! What a cool girl Allie is. She has a son named Henry that she's raisin' with her husband Garrison and I've been following her blog from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when. I feel like I just KNOW her. Allie's pretty funny and has a really interesting perception on raising her first baby. Sometimes I think we think so alike because she literally will say things that I was totally thinking. I love her.

Aw! Cute little NATASHA HANSON. Cool chick that makes cool jewelry and also blogs. I'm lucky to say that she's become my e-friend! They just recently lost their home in a fire and their poor pet too (they've since gotten another furry friend). I think it's fun to see her little daily adventures.

Nice girl Sammie blogs about her life with her husband and 3 cats on her blog, Uncharted Heart! Holy moly! Three? I just read an interesting post about how she used to be on the show Sesame Street! That's kinda crazy and awesome at the same time. 

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