Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh you know you wanna...

1. Wyatt is loving this color splats game on!
2. Halloween? I'm ready for Christmas! This video gets me in the spirit. 
3. This has been my Weight Watchers best friend! I need sugary/creamy coffee in the morning. 
4. 30 days of outfits out of pretty much nothing!? The 29th Floor is an inspiration!
5. Did you know I make blog banners for ya blogs?! Shamless self promotion.
6. This is a style/clothes/what I wore link up I can stand behind. "What I honestly wore."
7. I'm thinking about doing photo canvases, and this blog has a good tutorial
8. If you watch anything today, watch this
9. You should vote for my friend's baby here. Don't you think Drew should be Bluum's baby of the week?
10. DYING over Mandy's pictures of when she was little, dressing up for Halloween.
11. Ashley did an awesome tutorial on how to dye your own tights!
12. I really think this blog is super well put together.
13. The Bartering Blogger is probably one of the smartest blog ideas I've heard in awhile.

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