Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Running tips

I've had so many people tell me that they really just want to get into running, and that makes me so excited! I am NOT a running expert by any means, but in the few months I've picked up this hobby I feel like I can definitely shed some light to those that are wanting to give it a go.

1. For starters, run when it's convenient for you. Don't worry about trying to run first thing in the morning because of all the hype that it's better for your metabolism. I don't know if that's true or not, it probably is... but, running is running! If it's easier for you to run in the evenings, do it then. I actually purposely run at night after Wyatt is in bed. That's at like 9:30 at night! But I love it and really look forward to it most days. It's quiet and dark and I feel like I have privacy. Plus the cool night air feels awesome. 

2. Set yourself goals. If it's the the light post or the big tree, run to it. Make your goals bigger and better through time. I seriously only started running a month and a few weeks ago. I couldn't even run .2 miles without walking... but I kept setting my goals to go further and further and now I'm running 3 miles! Do not stress yourself out about speed of your runs, just try to work up your endurance. I started doing a 12.50 minute mile and now I'm down to a 10.20 mile. It all takes time. I know I'm not the best or anything, but I feel like I'm progressing and I know you can too.

3. Drink that water yo. I know, I KNOW... everyone knows that. But if you want to run you gotta drink enough water during the day or you're going to quit/be too weak.

4. One of my most favorite running tips was from one of my husband's friends. He told me to make a playlist that was the length of whatever I wanted to run. SO SMART! I didn't actually do it (I listen to Girl Talk - All Day album), but I've thought about doing it. It seems like it would be really helpful for those that want to "escape" in their runs. I find myself really thinking about the music and listening to the words. It's a good distraction. 

5. If you do the smart phone thing, download the Endomondo app. It's awesome! You can track your run, your calories, and it'll even map everything out for you so you have a detailed map of your run. It's cool. Plus it'll tell you when you hit each mile. 

7. And this is just a little motivation for you- and I by no means mean to be judgmental since I definitely struggle with this. But do not let your body control you! You have power over it. If you want to be a runner, than go and do it. I know that's easier said then done, but if it means you gotta just go out and do it and push through pain and discomfort, then that's what you gotta do. It WILL get easier, but you've gotta give it a chance.

8. Give yourself a rest day(s). I run 3 days, then I'm off a day. Sometimes I don't get to follow this if life is going on, but this is the schedule I try to stick to. Give yourself a set schedule, it'll make running easier for you knowing what to expect. And even when you're in the thick of it and want to quit, just remind yourself that you're day off is just right around the corner.

9. Keep your mind positive when you run. I can't stress this enough. Our thoughts have power! While we're running if we think, "THIS SHIT SUCKS" then it's easier to quit. If you sorta psych yourself out before you start, it could help. Tell yourself, "I'm excited to run. This is going to be challenging but it's going to make me so strong and I'll be able to kick other Mom's asses!" - might help. I find that a terrible attitude really brings me down.

10. And breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. I don't know why it was so hard for me to get that down. :)

"Me and running don’t always see eye to eye. Some days it hurts more than others. But it doesn’t mean I don’t do it.   I deal with it and I keep running because NOT EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD FOR YOU ALWAYS FEELS GOOD FOR YOU."- such a good quote and I have no clue who said it. Even after googling. 

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