Friday, October 7, 2011

Wyatt's 2nd Birthday!

Oh my gosh, Wyatt's birthday was JAM PACKED. And it went without a hitch. No meltdowns and just all in all fun. I'm extremely tried right now, so here's all my instagram photos from the day. I of course took pics and videos but they're to come later when both of my eyes are open.

So my baby is 2. TWO!!!! It's sorta bittersweet. I am definitely seeing him now as a kid as opposed to a little baby... but who am I kidding? He's still a baby!

He loved waking up to the balloons and the ball pit. He actually started off as a turd this morning, and then walked out into the living room and was in sort of shock for a second. It was awesome. I think I need to do this all the time? He was in the best mood all day after that. What was I thinking getting a ball pit? It must of been the crack that made me do it. 

Okay, but for now, this is what you get to see. More to come! Yay! My cute little boy is a two year old now!

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