Thursday, November 3, 2011

Help me get to Alt Design Summit 2012!!! Discounted Ad Space!

Help me get to Alt Design Summit!!! Chelsey (from The Paper Mama) and I are desperately trying to get our butts to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend Alt Design Summit in January. It's this really awesome blogging conference that will help us keep rockin' on our blogs. Alt Summit is a great place for those interested in lifestyle, food, fashion, photography and design. We'll get to rub elbows with other bloggers and people with similar interests. And to be honest with you, it's really fun and I'd love to finally meet Chelsey and other cool bloggers that are going (are you going?). 

But as of right now, I can't afford to go! I need 1000 dollars to get me there (flight, hotel, conference ticket). It's expensive but I'm hoping that I can get some help. Anything you'd be willing to donate would be awesome! 

I'm offering donation packages! Discounts on upcoming ad space (after November) and banners!

20 dollars - will get you a banner and button from me (5 dollar savings)! or 3 months worth of small ad space (10 dollar savings)
40 dollars - will get you 2 months worth of medium ad space (10 dollar savings)
60 dollars - will get you 3 months worth of medium ad space (15 dollar savings)
80 dollars - will get you 4 months worth of medium ad space (20 dollar savings)
100 dollars - will get your 3 months worth of EXTRA LARGE ad space (for the months that aren't reserved already)!! (35 dollar savings!!!)

Any donation is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for helping me out! If you'd like to donate to Chelsey's trip, check out her gofundme page here.

(Be sure to include your email address so I can connect you with your ad space.)

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