Friday, November 18, 2011

The importance of a self portrait on your blog.

I know taking pictures of ourselves feels... weird. I mean, if you're anything like me, you run to the bathroom and shut the door to take the ever so popular bathroom mirror pic. Turn your phone on silent so your husband doesn't hear that ridiculous sound of you clicking away- getting your perfect duck face mastered in the mirror. No? Just me? Oh.

But there really is an importance to getting your picture out there on your blog. Readers love to identify with who they're reading about... it gives them a connection to you that's sort of hard to come by in this quick social media world. Letting them see what your life is like, inside and out... your hair looking whack, you looking fab out to dinner, or just sitting on the couch shows your readers that you're a normal person.

Don't feel confident in the way you look? SHUT IT. The only way you'll be more comfortable with pictures is to take more pictures. I've felt the shock of seeing a picture that I took from arms length away and realized, "Holy crap I look bad"... but I have to say the shock of my face and everything about it is wearing off and I'm like whatever.

I've actually gained a confidence in seeing myself more and more in pictures. I know that I don't always look that great, but sometimes I do look pretty and that's just called being a normal chick.

So, everyone start taking pictures of yourselves! Post them on your blog/site and just be proud of who you are! It's so fun to be able to see each other on our blogs and know that we're all just regular ol' people!


(me DEAD)

(me HAPPY)

(me in the MORNING)

(me, a MOM)

(me, dreaming of MYSPACE)



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