Friday, November 18, 2011

Meet my friends. Not just saying that.

Howdy. Im Marcella, AKA Pella's Mom.

Otherwise known as Mar & Peej. 
I am a single mom of one DISGUSTINGLY adorable daughter, one of Los Angeles' most popular modern children's boutique owner, Entrepreneur, Potty mouthed tweeter, and mommy blogger! Taking the bull by the horns and doing it well. Sharing with the world my "NON-SUGAR COATED" life.

I like fried chicken and wine. 

Hi! I'm Caitlin and I blog at To Make Love Stay.  I blog about life with my husband and beast in a small Maine town, tattoos, photography, anxiety, awkwardness, and everything in between..  I love meeting new people so please stop by!

I’m Jessica and I have a son named Judah, who sometimes wears a mustache or a wig. I’m married to an amazing husband/nerd/worship leader Scott and together we live in the Northern Virginia area. This blog is all about my adventures in motherhood, the billion pictures I take of my son, owning my own crochet business and the people I meet. I left working full time ministry at a large church in this area to begin a wonderful journey of being a stay at home mommy to Judah.

My name is Maryam.  I'm new mom to Margaux.  I like long walks on the beach and kissing in the rain.  I also like ice cream, pretending I'm crafty, cooking and sparkly things.

Wife. Mama. Musician.

Im Ashley from The Peanut Gallery and Im 23. Right now Im planning my September 2012 wedding, raising a two year old ball of fire, and day dreaming about owning my own vintage inspired shop one day.
I started my blog as a pregnancy journal for friends and family to keep updated on Peyton and her development/birth while I was away at school. That was almost 3 years ago. Now it’s a hodge podge baby book of her day to day life, my wedding plans, fashion posts, and whatever else pops into my head at the time! I hope you can stop by and say 'Hi' I love meeting new readers and discovering new blogs!

My name is Faith, I'm a wife and mama to five ages (almost) ten and under and I am the driving force behind The Bartering Blogger a new place where bloggers can connect, link-up and swap anything from ad spots and digital goods and services to handmade items, home accessories, books, DVDs, and kids stuff. It's like swapping with your neighbors down the street only you are swapping with your virtual neighbors instead of your physical ones. I hope you'll join me on Thursday for the next link-up and SWAP!

The Hipster Dad was started by Michael & Craig, a pair of young Dads living in Providence and Boston. We are two modern dads who design, DJ, write, thrift, support breastfeeding, baby wearing, etc, and are aimed at breaking the mold for dads!

I’m Brandy, a Mommy, to 2 sweet kiddos {Kingston and Harlow}, and a wife to an amazing husband {Chris}. I studied and have worked in the Toronto fashion industry {for 8 years}, Baby Blackbird combines my experience and knowledge of fashion, and my love for kids . Baby Blackbird is a unique online kids’ fashion resource, full of one-of-a-kind features to inspire other moms on an affordable and attainable fashion quest or fashion obsession. With a bit of a personal touch, sharing some daily happenings of my little fashion loving family.

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