Sunday, November 6, 2011

SOS - Middle Class America Style

Linking up with Mandy's SOS... just an excuse for me to take vain pictures of myself. NBD.

Cardigan- F21
Tank - Target
Jeans - Target
Scarf - H&M
Boots - Vintage Tony Lamas

Saturday we really played it low key and had dinner at Chili's. I'm not going to lie, Chili's is like my favorite place to eat ever. I just love it for some reason. If asked where I want to eat, I'll either say Chipotle or Chili's. Okay, there's your fun fact for the day.

Another interesting thing that happened yesterday- we got bumped from behind by some guy at a stop light. When I tried to pull over after the light turned green the guy just drove off, so in my psycho-gotta-get-even mode I followed him and got his tag number, but he totally noticed and did a crazy swerve around cars until he got away move. I called the cops and reported the guy. Turned out it was some 16 year old kid who apparently "didn't know" he bumped into us. YEAH RIGHT. We seriously almost rammed the guy in front of us he hit us so hard. It's okay though. Just a scuff on our bumper to match all the other scuffs. Our car is 11 years old and I'm not about to go get a stupid scuff fixed. The boy's parents were cool and said they'd pay any damages but I honestly wouldn't have even called the cops if the kid would have just pulled over. This sorta thing has happened before and I always just go my separate ways from whoever bumped me or vice versa. But completely making a b-line for it really royally pissed me off because I had my kid in the car. What if he had gotten hurt? I was sorta livid. Mama bear all the way.

Anyway, that was my Saturday. Probably the most exciting Saturday ever... ha.


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