Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wyatt's in a toddler bed.

(testing out his fun new bed)

Omg. I don't even know what to say right now. After dealing with RIDICULOUS freak out tantrums from Wyatt everyday after his nap, I've decided to just go ahead and take down the side of his convertible crib and move him on to a toddler bed. It seems to be the general consensus that letting him wake up on his own terms and get out of bed when he's ready will lead to a happier toddler. We were dealing with 2-3 hour tantrums after every single nap. And, it wasn't like he wasn't getting enough sleep. The boy will nap for 3+ hours everyday (and to clarify since I'm sure some of you will have suggestions, it's not low blood sugar and I don't think he's getting too much sleep since he's always been taking long naps). So, to get ready for his new way to nap (without the railing), we're conquering sleeping without the railing at night too.

I have so many questions after tonight. It took me nearly 2 hours to get him to sleep. Normally his bedtime routine with a regular crib, is for me to just lay him in there with a toy and I rub his head, say good night and he gets a kiss and then I leave the room. We usually hear him talking for about an hour and a half anyway, so I knew getting him to sleep right away was probably going to be difficult. 2 hours later while I was in there, Wyatt gave up the good fight and went to sleep. But before that, I was either laying in his bed with him, or laying on the floor beside him. I had to tell him a few times to lay down and go to sleep.

My main question really is should I let Wyatt stay up later since it takes him so long to go to sleep? Is he up talking and playing because he's just not tired yet? Or should I still keep up with this 9o'clock bedtime and just lay there for the hour and a half until he falls asleep?

And for those that are interested, I am keeping Wyatt's bedroom door shut. I'm not underestimating this kid. He's capable of doing crazy things and I don't need him roaming our house in the middle of the night if he does wake up.


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