Friday, November 4, 2011

Wyatt's Top 10 Best things.

Yes I love my son... of course I do. But during my run last night I kept thinking about the things that I love about him. Like, things about his personality that make him, him. I love him so much differently than I did before. He's got things about him that are appealing and interesting and he's becoming such a little person. I no longer love him just because he's a my baby, but because he's a very cool individual as well. 


1. He's so personable! He'll climb up into all of our friend's laps and totally chillax with them.
2. He's always more interested in having fun than learning anything. This is definitely a challenge but I love that he's always seeking out happiness.
3. My super picky eater will eat Scrapple! That's awesome to me.
4. He has a love for shoes and even if he's down to a diaper, he usually has his shoes on.
5. He'll go straight to the fridge, open it, get the block of cheese out, bring it to me, and tell me "CHEESE!"
6. He's very affectionate and loves to hug and kiss me. So many people tell me their kid stopped cuddling at this age and I'm so glad that Wyatt loves to cuddle his mama.
7. When we put him to bed at 9 every night, he's easily up until 10:30 or 11 talking to his stuffed animals in bed. This is probably why he sleeps till 9 am now. Which is another thing I love.
8. He loves to get in "fighter" stances and everything is a sword.
9. He thinks it's funny and awesome to put clothes or a blanket or something on top of his head and pretend to be something spooky... maybe a ghost?
10. ALWAYS BABBLING! He's gonna be a big conversationalist one day. (my child)


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