Monday, December 19, 2011

I do believe in SANTA!

I don't care who you are! Going to the mall at Christmas is just the American way. There is nothing that says Christmas to me like walking around a bunch of teenagers on their Christmas break, bumping into slow old ladies, and seeing long lines for Santa. We were one of those waiting in a long line people. That part sucked, but we tag teamed and it worked out. I'd stand and hold our place while Josh let Wyatt roam around, getting into things. The mall people must be totally out of their minds if they think that my 2 year old is going to actually STAND in a slow moving line that wrapped around their Santa display. Heeeeeck no. It all worked out though.

We did kill a lot of time at the toy store in the mall. Wyatt was pretty much in heaven! There was this crazy train set that you could actually ride. Whenever it was another kids turn to ride, he graciously pushed them around the track. It sorta makes my heart happy that he's so friendly and completely NOT shy with other kids. Or anyone for that matter. 

And of course my husband and his friend dared me to get on the ride. They said my butt was too big to handle it, I proved them wrong. We got some glares from this.

And here we are waiting for Santa! Wyatt impressed his audience with some song. 

And this is what 25 dollars and waiting in line for an hour gets you! Homeless Santa. Wyatt was totally NOT freaked out by him (I knew he wouldn't be) and proceeded to have a conversation with him. He just babbled of course, but he used a lot of hand gestures and the photographer couldn't get him to smile. He was too busy telling Santa stuff. 

And just for shits and giggles, look at how amazingly awesome last year's Santa pictures were. For starters, that Santa is legit and totally made me believe. And Wyatt was so freaked out! He's grown up a lot and in so many ways since last December. He's pretty much not freaked out by anyone. Not even Santa's who are obviously having a stroke while holding him. 

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