Thursday, December 29, 2011

IROCKSOWHAT year in review. What did you miss?

This past year has been chock full of THINGS. So much going on and it's just nice to reflect! I've seen a few people do a year in review and I thought it'd be an awesome idea to just flat out copy, so here I go.

It all started off right with Josh coming home from a 7 month deployment. I was so happy to have him home! The first thing he did besides the OBVIOUS (bow chicka wow wow), was go eat at Taco Bell!

In the beginning of January I wrote THIS post and it seemed to really resonate with people. I still get comments about it a year later. I think it really helped motivate a lot of people to lose weight. 

I was super into food in 2011. The healthy kind that is. I was always posting healthy recipes and the things I tried/created. I threw together an eggless, sugar less, non-flour, dairy free cookie that seemed to really be a hit! 

We moved in February 2011 to our slightly retro home (there may be some random wood paneling around here, but we're renting so who cares?).

Hahahaa! I did a dialect vlog... do I have an accent?

OMG! Got an iMac and was forever changed!

Fun summer zoo trips, I'm missing this right now.

My sister got married! WHHHAAAT? She did a "planned" runaway to Disney World where she married my now brother in law!

We live so close to the beach, there was quite a bit of beach days! My brother came and stayed with us during the summer and it was really nice!

2011 is when I realized that I had officially become a REAL work at home mom

Aw, now I'm really reminicing, my bestfriends came to visit. Sniff Sniff. We had an awesome day at Busch Gardens.


Oh! And who could forget about the most stupidest blown out of proportion hurricane ever? We had to evacuate for that stupid thing. Waste of time and money. We did end up having to buy all new refrigerator food though. That sucked.

Completed something from the bucket list and got to see the Dropkick Murphy's with my husband and get totally tanked. Waking up the next day was not fun I tell you.

Speaking of birthdays, I turned 25 in September and got mildly depressed and had a bit of a life crisis. I wrote this and totally felt changed and inspired lots of people! 

Josh and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary this year! Can you believe that? We celebrated low key and ate a pizza and watched a movie. :)

OMG OMG My baby turned 2!!!! SAAAAAD. We surprised him when he woke up with a room full of balloons and a ball pit. We're obviously the best parents ever. P.S. We totally got rid of that ball pit recently. Screw that noise.

We celebrated the best holiday ever! HALLOWEEN!  Wyatt had a cheap Brobee costume and I was a make shift lumberjack/hipster chick.

Wyatt's real birthday present from us was seeing Yo Gabba Gabba live later in the month of October. It was probably more amazing to me than him. I cried.

Thanks to you guys and your generous donations and blog banner purchases, Chelsey and I raised enough money to go to Alt Design Summit. This was a really awesome thing that happened to me in 2011. Check out Chelsey at The Paper Mama. We're gonna be roomies at the Summit.

And to end the year, we had a glorious little Christmas at home spent together, just hanging out. It's been a really good year!

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