Tuesday, December 13, 2011

IROCKSOWHAT'S favorite iPhone camera apps!

Yay! This post is all about my favorite iPhone picture apps! I'm asked at least once a day what are my favorite apps, and I'm here to tell you what they are! (If you like the polaroid above, you can download it for yourself here, and if you'd like to learn how to make an animation gif, you can learn how to do it here.)

1. First and foremost, the mecca of all picture apps - Instagram! It's the most fun and awesome photo community! Right now it's just for iPhone, but they're coming to Android. At first I was like, "Psh!" but now I'm realizing that I can literally follow ALL of my friends and family and that sounds really fun to me. The best thing about Instagram is all the cool retro photo filters mixed with a social media platform. So you can comment on everyones pictures and follow people you love. You can upload any picture you want onto Instagram, even pictures edited with other picture apps. It's freeeeee!!!

Instagram Pictures

2. My second favorite photo app is Picture Show. I think it has the best tilt shift out there. It's extremely customizable and there are a ton of random filters that you can choose from, along with those that you create yourself. You can save all of your favorite ones and then easily apply the filter to your photo. I really like the different light options that Picture Show has. It's 1.99 for this app.

Picture Show Pictures

3. Another really awesome app is Hipstamatic. It's probably the most realistic toy camera look as far as apps go. The downfall of Hipstamatic is just like a real camera, you have to use it to take your picture. Instagram and Picture Show has the ability to upload pictures from your camera library. So it's kinda hard to randomly use this app for a quick pic. But, on the flip side, it causes you to really think about your shot and therefore improving your iphoneography. It's .99 for this app, but you're only given a few basic lens and films. You can buy new film and lens packs for .99. 

Hipstamatic Pictures

4. Another super used app on my phone is Diptic. It allows you to have all those cool picture collages you see all over the place. If you want a free one (but not as customizable, check out Pic Stitch). This app is .99.

Diptic Pictures

5. If you just want to edit your photo, sorta Photoshop style (lighting, sharpening, clarity) Snapseed is the best app for that. I use this app to brighten my pictures and to sharpen. Sometimes it edits so well people can't believe the picture was from my iPhone at all! Snapseed has a few photo filters you can apply, but I don't really care for them (drama, vintage, and grunge). This app is pricey at 4.99 but I personally think it's worth it. I use it all the time.

Snapseed Picture.

6. For cool panorama shots, check out Photosynth. I think it's the best one out there... but that might just be me? And it's free!

Photosynth Pictures
7. Everyone wonders how I get my self portraits without the arm extended all up in your face shot, well, I use Just.Self Timer App! It's great! You can choose between a 5-10 second delay, go and pose really quick and get a good shot that everyone swears your husband/friend took! Plus it's free!

Just.Self Timer Pictures

8. Pixlromatic is an app that people seem to go crazy for, but I don't use it as often. It has about 5 filters that I actually like, but there are WAY more than that. It's a free app so it's worth the download. 

Pixlromatic pictures

9. Leme Cam is also another free camera app that would best be compared to Hipstamatic in the sense that you have to use the camera in the app to take a picture. It has a really neat tilt shift filter that is very extreme and I love that. I really rarely use this app now, but there was a time that I played with it a lot. It's a free app.

Leme Cam Picture

10. Lo-Mob is an app that I sorta just discovered the other day. It's got an EXTREMELY realistic vintage photo filters. Lots of old polaroid frames and antique looking borders. I use this one a lot. It's 1.99 in the app store.

Lo-Mob pictures.

11. And how do people get those little words on their pictures? They use Label box! Lots of different types of labels to use, it's super easy to use and I use it all the time to cover Wyatt's naked parts! It's great because it's free!

Label Box pictures

12. Squaready is an awesome app that allows you to have vertical pictures on Instagram, without having to have a black border. I like it because since Instagram's layout is white, it goes well with the flow of your pictures. If this sounds strange, download Instagram and you'll see. You're no longer limited to just having square pictures on Instagram! Squaready is free!

Squaready pictures

I hope this helps everyone and they've learned about some new apps! 

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