Sunday, December 4, 2011



1. AWESOMESAUCE Wild Rice Salad! from the rockin' Mandy of The Haps!
2. I think Marcella needs to keep up with her BOSS LADY feature! Don't you? You should tell her.
3. Here's a handy tutorial to put a CUSTOM PAY NOW BUTTON to your sponsor page by the The Curious Pug.
4. The COOLEST way to take pictures of your Christmas tree.
5. Maryam and I are doing the Paleo diet and here's a good recipe for Spicy Chicken Drumsticks.
6. Here's a good holiday HANDMADE gift guide for the HOME, MOM, and BOYS.
7. The stuff Deanna's son says freaking cracks me up.
8. There's a pre-holiday gift swap going on at Bartering Blogger. You can trade anything!
9. The Hipster Dad's have the cutest kids ever!
10. Amy likes to tackle Pinterest projects. Here's her PAPER STAR TUTORIAL!
11. I'm all sorts of crazy about Chelsey's 50 DIY Days! Especially this mushroom ornament tutorial.
12. Gina from Acute Design's FAVORITE WINTER DRINK! YESSSS
13. Jenni from the Blog posted her holiday gift guide, and it's for the WHOLE FAMILY.
14. OMG I love the look of this wedding from Olive Observer!
15. Mandey and her husband from Mama and the Dudes are adopting a child through the Angel Giving Tree Network and I think it's really nice.
16. Cute TP Owls on Adventures of a New Mom!
17. Last but not least (I personally need to get on this!), have you entered Chelsey's Holiday Photo Challenge? Looks pretty fun!

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