Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hey lovelies! Just hoping everyone's Sunday is going well. Josh and I are going to church for the first time in like 4 years together! That's just crazy! But, we're going, so that's cool.

I wanted to leave the rest of you sinners some links to love (JUST KIDDING! OMG DON'T GET MAD).

1. Enter this Giveaway at Harper's Happenings! It's an awesome/beautiful bag. 
2. DIY yarn trees on Mar and Peej! 
3. A cool meet up in Portland! Check out The Paper Mama's blog for the deets. 
5. Free printable on Pamplemousse 1983!
6. Beautiful photos of a boy making cookies
7. Um hello? Why don't I live here?
8. This is the best fashion blog for kids. 
9. Another round of Gav says... I love this! I hope Wyatt says funny stuff.
10. Pre-Christmas gift swap!!! Check it out.
11. Want to join a cell phone link up? Join Amy's
12. Help the Hipster Dad's on what to blog about. Tell them here.
13. Acute Designs has awesome brass earrings! And free shipping. Winning.
14. Butt paste giveaway! Who couldn't use some good old butt paste?
15. Egg-less peppermint sugar cookies! Recipe here.
16. Dora the Explorer fondant cake! I don't like Dora but I'd eat her.
17. OOOOO Avocado Banana face mask!
18. Aw! I love Heidi's hair cut. She looks happy doesn't she?
19. Homemade Christmas garland! COOL!
20. Have you made your Christmas card yet? Check out this one.

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