Friday, December 9, 2011

Sucky clothes blues/lets swap!!!

So, I have a legitimate fear of not having anything to wear to Alt Design Summit next month. Like, I'm really freaking out. I DO NOT dress cool or hipster really. I don't have glamourous clothes... and honestly, I wear jeans and v-neck t-shirts 99 percent of the time. Before having Wyatt, I was a bit larger in size but I had a TON of awesome clothes and had cool style... but since becoming a mom and losing weight, I've started collecting "comfortable" clothing and all my old clothes are donated to Goodwill. And now that's all I have, comfortable clothes. 

I've been scoping out sites like Mod Cloth and Nasty Gal and just feeling very intimidated. I wish I could afford these clothes! Because buying a piece here and there is fine, but I need like a new wardrobe! Well, at least 6 days worth. How am I going to stretch out my lame ass clothes for 6 days?! And yes, I know thrift stores are my friend... I just haven't gotten around to checking them out yet. Besides, our thrift stores really suck. Not even joking. They're terrible.

I guess I'm just feeling kinda whiney and down on myself today. I'm really wishing I was cool and had a wardrobe to match. 

(if anyone wants to swap me in NICE CONDITION dresses or fancier clothes, let me know! I wear a size small/medium or about a 6 dress. I can offer you design work!)

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