Monday, January 16, 2012

Advertise on IROCKSOWHAT for the month of February!

(all you google reader/rss reader peeps, check out my new blog banner!)

If you'd like to sponsor IROCKSOWHAT for the month of February, please email me at

And if you're curious about my stats-

60,000 monthly page views

42,000 monthly visitors
32,000 unique views
1,000 subscribe to my RSS feed
1,275 Google friend connect readers
1000 Twitter followers 360 Facebook fans
1150 Pinterest followers 
830 instagram followers
225 bloglovin' followers
Klout score of 60

 Below the medium ads.

Below the large ads and featured in the medium sponsor post.

This ad will be right below the extra large ad. You'll also be featured in the large ad highlight post. 

$45.00 Booked until May 1st!
You'll get an individual highlight post featuring you! lots of links to your site!

FINE PRINT: (haha) My pricing is subject to change! Payments are due on the last day of the month and your "rented" space is good till the last day of month you want to advertise. I will also be accepting payments through PayPal.

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