Friday, January 27, 2012

#AltSummit and meeting Ben Silberman! #Pinterest

(Aw, we're all so cute standing in front of The Grand that we were all too cheap to stay in!)

So, just like most people- I have this fear of rejection. I'm sure it's a normal and natural fear, but I let it get to me sometimes. Before leaving for Alt, I was pretty dang worried about being this super lame mom blogger amongst a bunch of young designer girls that live in lofts... or are from Chicago. I don't know why, I just put that idea in my head.

I noticed that as I was preparing for Alt, I was giving myself excuses as to why I didn't belong. 

-I don't draw things realistically.
-I never went to school.
-I haven't been doing illustrations for very long.
-I wear pajamas on a regular basis.
-I break out. 

And then while I was at Alt Summit, I just realized that these were my peeps. That I most DEFINITELY should have gone and I'm most definitely going again. The fear of rejection was still there, but I also had a new passion and it was telling me, "TO HELL WITH YOUR FEAR" and now I'm running full speed towards my goals.

Seeing Ben Silberman (from PINTEREST!!!) speak and then meeting him kinda put things into perspective for me. He was one of those said "peeps".

He talked about how he had an idea (pinterest) and how he wasn't sure of how to execute it, but he just worked towards it and eventually he figured it out along the way. He explained the importance of believing in yourself, even when others aren't... which was often the case in his situation. He also said you gotta have help. It's the only way any of us will be successful. Good people backing you up. 

Ben Silberman actually attended Alt Summit 2 years ago with just the idea of Pinterest. It wasn't really a full working site. Doesn't that blow your mind? How in 2 short years he was able to push through all his fear of rejection and insecurity and made a legit and rockin' site?

This post is getting to be all over the place. But the bottom line was that Alt taught me to have confidence in myself and to dream big (which I'm still working on). 

(Jensie, Chelsey, and Robin in the above photos)

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