Monday, January 23, 2012

#AltSummit Re-cap - holy top knots.

DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. Okay. Let me just sit here a minute and think. Okay. What just happened? 

Well, I'm back from Alt Summit and it was EVERYTHING I thought it would be. I hung out with like minded peeps and really felt like I got a boost in the direction I've been wanting to go. I know that everyone who attended is feeling so much motivation right now, and I am too. 

If you're wondering what Alt is all about, well, let me tell you.

- It's a meet up for those interested in all things design. That term is pretty broad. I met shop owners, photographers, magazine writers, artists, and bloggers. Everyone brought something interesting to the table. 

- Alt is a place to drink. Yeah. I drank a lot.

- You'll be passing out your business card like it's nobody's business. Although I am bummed that I didn't pass it out as much as I wanted to (I got kinda shy at times), I did pass it out quite often. So bring a lot if you go. 

- The classes are super educational. I learned a lot about what direction I want to take this blog, ideas to make it grow, understanding my voice, and a bunch of other nerdy blog stuff like that. I also am ready to take charge of this thing I created.

- You'll meet people and create super great connections. Networking was the highlight of this trip. Lets face it, no one got anywhere without a little help.

I'll be blogging more about Alt for the next week, I'm sure. I'm going to need to process everything and I think my blog is the perfect way to do it. I also plan on sharing with you all the insight I learned, and then maybe you too will feel just as inspired. 

Oh, and like I mentioned before, I roomed with Chelsey, but I also roomed with Robin from Clever Girls (are you a Clever girl yet? you SHOULD be.)

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