Friday, January 27, 2012

#AltSummit - who loved their #Gelaskins ?!

So I've been pretty cray cray about Gelaskins
I think we all are actually. 
(And no one paid me or even asked me to blog about them. I just really think they're cool.)

If you're looking for BEAUTIFUL/ARTISTIC/STUNNING/CREATIVE/ONE OF A KIND iPad, iPhone, iPod, and laptop skins- this is the place (they also have skins for other devices). 


I think it's really awesome that you can submit your own picture.

It was nice having our Gelaskins hard cases on during Alt. Not only did we get a lot of compliments, but they're actually super durable. The cases don't come off very easily which is great. Plus I may have tested the cases durability by dropping my phone a few times. 

(Robin. Dayna. Chelsey. - in above photos)

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