Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bacon art printable!

My 16 year old bacon loving brother was here this past summer and it was totally great! He helped around the house and we just spent a lot of time together. To reward him for cutting our massive lawn, I asked him what he wanted for lunch/dinner and he replied, "BACON!". So I cooked him up a pound of bacon and he ate it all in one sitting. Not judging. I've done it. Just ask Josh. He was pretty ticked one morning when I accidentally ate all the bacon as I was cooking it. Oops.

So, it's pretty much an unanimous opinion when I say, bacon is marvelous. I know that so many others feel the same, so it inspired me to make this printable for everyone. I need some good kitchen art and I'm thinking I'll go ahead and print this bad boy out too.

For full resolution, click HERE.

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