Thursday, January 12, 2012

Don't catch the SICK/adventures in juicing

Do not hang out on my blog for too long this evening, for I am afraid that it is possible for you to catch the disgusting grossness going on over here. Josh has bronchitis and Wyatt has croup and I am HEALTHY! And I plan to keep it that way. I've been popping airborne and juicing as much as possible (which by the way, that juice fast completely was a failure and I had a bowl of chili tonight).

(we took Wyatt to the doctor which was the most torturous thing on this earth. this is us trying to keep him entertained during the 4 hour visit.)

(two sickies)

More about my adventures of juicing though. Good lord. If you like food at all, like chewing it and swallowing it... then fasting isn't for you. With my juice fast I was probably not making enough juice and the random fruits and vegetables I was eating (usually handfuls) just wasn't doing it. Tonight the thought of making one more juice literally turned my stomach and I sat in my closet and moped (not being dramatic, I have a little stool in there and I sorta just sat down and didn't get up). It didn't help that my husband was coaxing me into eating, telling me I don't need to do this and that I'm the hottest thing ever (how dare he!). In all honesty, I am disappointed that I completely caved to my cravings, but today I just wanted to lay in bed and not get out and ignore everyone. That's never going to happen so I was extremely irritable and... excuses excuses. I was hungry. But I'll probably do again, just limiting it to a 3 day fast instead. Much easier for the mind to handle. On the plus side of everything, I lost about 4-5lbs!

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