Thursday, January 5, 2012

The home stretch to #AltSummit

OMG GUYZ, so Alt is right around the corner (13 days!) and I can't believe I'm almost there. Me? Someone like ME is going to something like ALT DESIGN SUMMIT (thank you all for your financial support!). It's pretty unbelievable honestly. For awhile I was thinking that I wouldn't fit in, or that I don't have anything to really offer... but I've started to think differently about things and I'm gaining some real self confidence. 

It's all probably because in the past month or so I feel like I've really come into my own as far as design and art goes. I feel a calling to keep going and creating and I'm actually pretty proud of my work. I'm getting lots of fun practice on you guys, offering up freebies and printables whenever I can. And people are actually buying my portraits and blog banners... I've come a long way!

I guess I'm just really thankful and I'm really looking forward to meeting and mingling with creative minds. One of my internet BFF's (Chelsey from The Paper Mama) and I are rooming together and I'm elated to finally meet that broad. I wonder if she's a morning person? WE'LL FIND OUT!!! HAHAHAHA! Just kidding. 

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