Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Judgy peeps.

Sometimes when you have a blog that people read, you find yourself NOT wanting to share everything about yourself. 

Back when I started this thing for fun and to keep in contact with my Dad and Step Mom, I would just post pictures of me fat and pregnant and then later pictures of Wyatt as a newborn. I started to get "followers" and then it just sort of organically grew. 

Since then I've posted my weight loss journey, things I'm eating, random family stuff, my art, whatever. 

But now I'm really missing what I had in the beginning- where I just posted what I thought and felt all the time. So many judgy peeps yo. It's hard to do that now. Now I have to anticipate hate email. It's nuts man. But I still do it. 

Anyway, that's all I'm sharing for now. 

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