Saturday, January 28, 2012

OH HEY, don't click here.

Some seriously super sexy links to love. (Okay, maybe they're not sexy.)

-THIS IS WHAT EVERY WOMAN NEEDS. Mandy talks about the magic of a proper bra fitting and how it legit changed her life. And it's written really funnyyyyy.
- I super enjoy watching all of the Shit (FILL IN THE BLANK HERE) People Say videos on youtube and Joyce put an interesting one up on her blog. Shit Hawaiian's Say.
-I think my Valentine should get me this from That Girl Crochet. Like I need more excuses to drink coffee.
-I don't know why I like these creepy pictures
-Valentine's related DIY. There's a heart shaped pizza!
-I like this list of goals. I share some of them.
-Sweet vintage shop.
-My sister's blog. She has a new baby.
-The Super Mom series at With Two Cats is really sweet. 
-You have to check out the 14 Days of Love by The Wonder Forest!
-Here's an entire post dedicated to Valentine's for your dog
-This is my favorite kid's fashion blog ever.
-I'm REALLY happy and excited for Mandey to be making bow ties! There is NOT enough cool clothes in this world for boys. Go and support her and buy a bow tie. Very affordable. 

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