Tuesday, January 17, 2012

See ya later!!! OFF TO ALT DESIGN SUMMIT!!!

(this little gem was created by Chelsey of The Paper Mama, my roommate at Alt!)

Well guys, this is it. I'm off to Alt Design Summit and I'm so excited! Because of this blog and all you guys that supported me, I'm actually going to this thing. I can't wait to just totally submerge myself into everything Alt has to offer. I hope to learn a lot from this experience and share it all with you guys! Look out for my random blog posts this week that will all be done from either my kindle or my phone... so I apologize in advance if they're not my normal amazingness.

You guys can follow everything I'm doing through my FACEBOOK page and my TWITTER and of course my INSTAGRAM (username @IROCKSOWHAT). In fact, I'll probably be over sharing... so sorry about that. I'll try to get back to everyone the best I can, but I might suck at it since I'll be crazy busy!

And if you have a second, check out Chelsey's blog too. We're gonna spoon all night.

This is it! Wish me luck!

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