Thursday, February 16, 2012

Discounted ad space at

I'm so excited for Blogher 2012! It's going to be in New York and I'm excited to meet and hang out with so many awesome people! But, as these things go- so expensive. I'm going to be running advertising specials for the next few months to help things along.

60 dollars - Extra Large ad (only one available so act fast!!!)- 350x160- 2 months of advertising! (30 dollar savings)

40 dollars - Large Ad- 175x200- 2 months of advertising! (10 dollar savings)

20 dollars - Medium Ad- 175x140 - 2 months of advertising! (10 dollar savings)

15 dollars - Small ad- 175x80- 2 months of advertising! (5 dollar savings)

My space is limited so please don't hesitate to jump on this! I had 100,000 visits to this blog last month, so I'm confident I can send some traffic your way! To pay for your ad spot, head over here to my bigcartel and place an order. If you'd like to purchase month to month, we can still arrange that. Please email me at and we can talk. Thanks guys!!!

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