Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Everyone should use Copygram and here's why...

Have I mentioned how much I effing love instagram? Like, honestly guys, I could never give it up. I love the fact that we can document our days with random pictures. Anything from what we're eating to pictures of our kids being cute. I love love love it! And if you were curious, my username is irocksowhat so search for me if ya want! 

I found the BEST online instagram viewing format ever created in life. It's called Copygram and yes, it's like Ink361 and Statigram... but it's better than those sites because you can BACK UP ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS AT ONCE through Copygram! All you have to do is go to the "back up photos" tab and it'll email a zipped filed to your email. So yeah. That's like the most amazing thing I have ever heard! I actually get nervous about losing photos all the time because my iPhone/instagram has really become a way that I document my son's life. 

Oh, and if you thought that wasn't awesome enough, you can ORDER PRINTS through Copygram as well. Want magnets? Yes, Copygram will give you magnets. Want a photo book? Yes, and that too. Are you sold yet? I love this site! And no, no one paid me or asked me to blog about them. I just really think it's the best online instagram viewing site out there. Okay, I'm out! 

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