Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Learning to love my ASS

My ass. No matter what, that thing is large and in charge. No matter how thin I get, that thing just stays the same. And this isn't really me complaining (although I'm sure I'll probably be a tad whiney in this post), this is just me stating a fact. I have a big ass. 

I'm in the process of accepting this thing. It's so hard. My ass keeps me from wearing jeans that I love, it keeps me from feeling comfortable in general. always wondering if someone is staring at it. I'm trying to change this about me, but I'm just so aware of my ass. 

But I know that this is me and this is what I'm meant to look like. I really want to start loving my body for what it is right now. This is extremely challenging! I always have this overwhelming desire to improve. Always. 

Okay, so no more self loathing over this junk in the trunk. 

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