Sunday, February 19, 2012

Naked Face Challenge

Okay, so this is me typically at night. No make up, and clean but unstyled hair. I keep seeing these naked face challenges like the one on Deanna's blog and I think they're kinda neat. Especially in an internet world where we put our best face forward, always. Not gonna lie, if there's an awesome picture of me, it's totally going on this blog. But I do often worry that when I meet people in person that they're going to realize that I don't have flawless skin and my eye brows WILL connect if I don't pluck them everyday. So here you have it. This is my face. Freckles and a few zits. 

I think it'd be cool if any of you wanted to participate in this naked face challenge. If so, comment here letting me know so I can see your beautiful god given mug. Right?!

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