Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No structure.

We don't really have that much of a morning routine like some families. It's usually roll out of bed, hang out in our pajamas until late afternoon, eat breakfast and cuddle, and watch some toons. After all those things, Wyatt takes a nap around 1 and I get showered and work on stuff for clients... maybe blog, and then once he wakes up we play and run errands if we need to. I don't think I'm much of a structure person but I'd probably do really well with some... but I don't even know how to MAKE myself be on a schedule. I'd much rather just be go with the flow on things. 

But not having structure sometimes makes me feel lost! I feel like things are so chaotic around me. Messes everywhere, so many little projects. I don't know how some of you moms do it. I feel like I'm an all or nothing kinda person. I can either give my all to my child or my all to the house. But never both. So naturally I choose Wyatt, but then the rest of life really suffers from all the neglect. 

This post is going all over the place! I just wanted to share with you some things I've been struggling with lately. Just feeling like things are a mess. No structure, not sure I can have any, and considering ways to get some in my life. Alright. OUT.

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