Friday, February 3, 2012

A story about boobs...

Okay, so I'm sure most of you read Mandy's post about her magical bra fitting and how the heavens opened up and the cherubs practically did back flips off of pink puffy clouds once she was in a bra that was her actual size. Welp, had the same experience. CANNOT BELIEVE IT. I was wearing the wrong size for who knows how long! 

A 34B is what I thought my size was for years. YEARS. I have probably 50 bras all in this size. While I knew the fit was kinda weird, I just thought it was me. I remember thinking that there wasn't even a size for me because I was an inbetweener size. Nope. Not true. Thanks to Victoria's Secret I've discovered that I'm a 32C. WHAAA? For someone who had this thought that she was a tiny little boobie girl, hearing a C was like someone gave me a million dollars. A CCCCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!! Yes! 

Now? Everything is SO comfortable and happy and wonderful that I just want to wear my new bras as shirts since everything just looks rockin'. 

Go right now to a Victoria's Secret or a Nordstrom and get fitted! You will be so happy! And if you're concerned about being nakey in front of a stranger, totally not the case. They sized me with my shirt on actually and everything was great. Good Luck!!!!

Also, if you have any awesome bra fitting tips, like where to go and what bras are awesome for you, leave it in the comments for everyone to read. :)

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