Friday, February 10, 2012

Yeah, we don't spank. We're one of THOSE people.

(me as a kid! maybe 4 or 5?)

Okay. Is there a magical secret to having an obedient kid? Because apparently we're missing the mark over here. We don't spank Wyatt. So how do you discipline a very stubborn child without force? 

I was spanked as a child and because of that my siblings and I were obedient. We knew what was expected of us. I just feel like there's gotta be a way to do this without having to spank. I'm not going to say my parents were terrible people for spanking, because I think I turned out pretty good and I don't have any ill feelings towards them for spanking. But for me, it just doesn't feel right and especially since I have a child who's obsessed with hitting, I can't wrap my brain around telling him that hitting is naughty and then turn around and hit him too. 

I'm going to be honest, I have swatted Wyatt's hands in the past and I always fear that his hitting obsession was because of that. 

I need to just get some backbone and dedicate some serious time out time. I'm just really avoiding it because of how strong willed he is. It's like watching an episode of Super Nanny. You know, the one where you're like, "Holy shit these kids are so terrible. I can't believe they let their kids act like that." Yeah, that's what I feel like it's like over here sometimes. The throwing and screaming and hitting tantrums are out of this world. I know that time outs aren't going to be a miraculous cure all and that I'll be a sweaty disgusting mess keeping him in his time out spot in general. Oh Lord. Feeling panicked just thinking about it. 

But I gotta do something because it's to the point now where Josh and I are so stressed out and literally angry because we don't know what to do and our kid is embarrassing us in public... We're fighting all the time about how to handle our son. He thinks I'm too lenient and I think he's too strict. It's so hard raising a kid! Especially when between the two of us there's no consistency. 

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