Monday, March 19, 2012


Hi! And welcome to my little bloggy home. I'm Jess and I started this blog a few years ago as a way to reach out to friends and family. It's evolved and has now become my creative outlet and I love it. I blog 5-8 times a week and love to just talk about my regular day to day life. I'm also always posting about my art endeavors and fun trips I'm taking with my family. 

IROCKSOWHAT blog is a profit blog. It's become my job! And it's the coolest job in the world. I'm happy to advertise for your blog or company. I'm interested in working with people/companies that are promoting a business, art, fashion, writing, clothing, handmade items, and pretty much anything else I find interesting (email me and we'll talk if you're a good fit -

I want to thank you for your interest in working with me on IROCKSOWHAT! To advertise, simply click on which size best suits you below and you'll be set. Your ad will be on my blog for 30 days. If you'd like me to feature a GIVEAWAY or a REVIEW, please email me at I will only feature giveaways/reviews for items worth a minimum of 50 dollars and of interest to me. :) I'd be happy to include something into my day to day posts, but I will only wear clothing/feature products that I like. 

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